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I have had multiple pure-bred dogs as pets and show dogs all my life, and have been very fortunate to have no issues with them. Becoming disillusioned about the growing number of health problems pet owners are struggling with I began to research Australian Labradoodles, and I liked what I found.

Finally, a breed where health and temperament were foremost and a beautiful non shedding coat is a bonus. I have since fallen in love with these doodles. They’re sweet, funny, smart, energetic, calm, and gentle – the perfect pet. Thankfully I was able to find two exceptional girls that epitomize everything an Australian Labradoodle should be; lovely hypo-allergenic easy care coats, the searching eye contact, and the eagerness to please, very important parts of the breed. After a very long search I finally found an ideal boy to compliment them.

A solid foundation has been achieved for our sound breeding program from two knowledgeable and established breeders! Preferring big dogs myself I chose to focus on large standard dogs. They are extensively tested to rule out any health issues and provide new owners with confidence that they will get a happy, healthy addition to their family. My dogs are part of my extended family and reside in the house and most often take up all the room on the couch!

Our Dogs


Slender, elegant and athletic, River is oh so sweet and gentle. She finds joy in every moment and shares it with us. River loves teasing everyone with her toys. Valley’s half sister, she’s a stunning cafe with a soft wavy fleece.

Registration #: ALAA-033629 (Pedigree)
OFA: Hips EXCELLENT, elbows normal
DM: Clear DNA: Profiled PRA: Tested
OFA Thyroid: Normal
CERF: Normal
IC: Normal vWD: Normal EIC: Normal


My snuggle buddy! This apricot/cream curly fleeced girl from Dare to Dream Labradoodles in Ontario is SO smart. Valley is definitely the princess here, and loves to show off her obedience skills. Did you notice the hint of mischief in those gorgeous golden green eyes?

Registration #: ALAA-033619 (Pedigree)
OFA: Hips EXCELLENT, elbows normal
DM: Clear
DNA: Profiled
PRA: Tested
OFA Thyroid: Normal
CERF: Normal
IC: Normal
vWD: Normal
EIC: Normal


What else could we call Rivers lovely lavender daughter. So like her mom in every way, except bigger. She will be having her first babies in the spring of 2018.

Registration #: ALAA-043564 Pedigree)
OFA: Hips good, elbows normal
DM: Clear
DNA: Profiled
PRA: Clear
CERF: Normal
IC: Clear
EIC: Clear


What a hunk! This fabulous boy from Berkshire Hills in Massachusetts has a luxuriant, dark chocolate, wavy fleece coat. So calm and laid back, he is the perfect addition to our family and we are getting exceptional puppies from this guy.

Registration #: ALAA-039503 (Pedigree)
OFA Final: Hips good, elbows normal
PennHip: 70th percentile
DM: Clear
DNA: Profiled
CERF: Normal
PRA: Clear
IC: Normal
vWD: Normal
EIC: Normal

Breed Info

The Labradoodle breed was originally started in Australia to fill the need for an allergy friendly guide dog. From the initial breeding of Poodles to Labradors followed by generations of selective breeding of the best of those crosses, a non-shedding hypo-allergenic therapy and companion dog was developed.

Tegan Park and Rutland Manor continued to match Labradoodle to Labradoodle for a long line of consistent allergy / asthma friendly coats, wonderful intelligence, robust good health, and amazing temperaments. Perfecting the Australian Labradoodle as a breed has been a labour of love for over 30 years.

The breed standard calls for a graceful, athletic dog with a compact, medium boned body and an effortless, light, elastic gait. Temperament should be calm and gentle when handled and happy and energetic when free. A friendly manner when approaching people coupled with a strong desire to make eye contact, they should be intuitive, sociable and very clever.

Colour — May be any colour from black through chocolate and cafe, to red, apricot and cream

Coat — A single non-shedding coat with no undercoat varying from a soft loose wavy texture to a spiralling curly fleece.

Size — Range from mini to standard, from 16 lbs and 14 Inches to 65 lbs and 24 inches


River had 8 pups July 13, 5 girls, 3 boys, all chocolate. Valley had 10 pups July 22, 5 girls, 5 boys, caramel and chocolate. There are some puppies available from both of these litters

Cost & Details
  • $2500.00 based on the quality of their breeding and care
  • Require a $500.00 dollar deposit to hold
  • Will be shades of chocolate, apricot or cream
  • Ready for new homes at 9 weeks
  • Will be 21-24 inches at the shoulder and 45-65 pounds
  • Can be shipped anywhere in Canada
  • Should have limited repetitive strenuous exercise until they are a year old to prevent injury to growing bones and joints
  • Obedience classes should be considered for socialization and to make them good citizens
  • Grooming — weekly brushing, 3-4 trips to the groomer per year
Our guarantee
    Puppies will be:
  • Vet checked, de-wormed, and have first vaccinations
  • Micro-chipped for permanent identification
  • Registered with the ALAA with a pedigree
  • Guaranteed for 3 years against genetic defects
  • Well socialized
Your guarantee
    Puppy will:
  • Be part of your family and not left outside or kennelled
  • Have routine health checks and vaccinations following your veterinarian’s protocol
  • Be returned for re-homing at any time if you are unable to keep for any reason
  • Be maintained at a healthy weight and have regular exercise

About Us

In the fall of 2013, I retired from my career as a Registered Nurse to embark on a new adventure and moved my family from Ontario. It was no easy feat with a horse, two donkeys, four dogs and a cat. We needed more space and we found it; 60 acres of fields and forest on the famous Cabot Trail in the heart of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

It's heaven for dogs with tons of room to play! Every day, rain or shine, we go for a run up a laneway towards the mountains with trees, brooks to explore, lots of sights, sounds and smells. We never tire of it and the dogs are superbly fit and happy. With a giant Shiloh Shepherd and a grumpy little old Terrier they fill this old farmhouse with fun. When I'm not playing with dogs or horses I enjoy restoring old houses, gardening, and exploring this amazing place we now call home.


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Puppy Application

You will receive a response from me as soon as possible. If you do not hear back from me within 48 hours, please call (902) 295-1674 and leave a detailed message.